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Jumping is fun and healthy, but make sure you jump safely! As with all other sports, there is the risk of injury. To minimise this risk while keeping jumping fun for everyone, there are a number of rules we all need to follow.

Corona protocol

Update measures 14-10-2020

On Tuesday evening, October 13, the national government announced additional measures to further prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Trampoline parks are part of the day recreation sector (category amusement and amusement parks) and have a sporty character. It therefore applies to our trampoline parks that we can also remain open under the new regulations. See below for a further explanation of all measures.

!! Important !! In view of capacity and catering restrictions, we will approach all our customers where applicable to convert, amend or cancel bookings already made.


  • Book your jump session online in advance.
  • No access to our parks can be granted without a pre-booked reservation (timeslot).
  • Groups: from 13 years and older, groups may consist of a maximum of 4 people per booking. There is no restriction for children up to and including 12 years old.
  • Registration takes place by completing and signing the digital waiver (the liability form). Tip: sign the waiver at home so we can help you sooner.
  • In order to guarantee the safety of our guests and that of our employees, we would like to ask visitors to take a seat in the designated spaces and follow all arrows.
  • In accordance with the new guidelines for other sectors, we will temporarily close our trampoline parks early at 8 p.m. The last jump session can therefore be booked at 7 pm.


  • The maximum capacity of the trampoline arena is further limited.
  • The changing rooms and showers are still closed, so please change at home. Toilets are still open as usual.
  • Given the serious limitation of the maximum number of people allowed in a room, parents / supervisors will in most cases be asked to wait outside until after the jump session. We ask for your understanding.
  • Leave the building immediately after the jump session.
  • ClubJumping on Fridays (7-10pm) has been temporarily suspended due to the early closing at 8pm.


  • The catering within amusement and amusement parks must be temporarily closed from Thursday 15 October.
  • However, in most parks there is a limited take-away option for drinks and snacks.
  • All refreshments brought along and purchased must be consumed outdoors.


  • As a result of the mandatory closure of our catering, our packages cannot take place in the usual form.
  • The Jump Party Crunchy can be booked in which consumptions are provided and must be consumed (outside) afterwards.
  • The Jump Party Snack is temporarily not possible due to the closed catering and kitchen.
  • Parties are limited to the jump session and food and drinks to take away.
  • There is no restriction on the maximum group size for children up to and including 12 years old. We do, however, apply a maximum of 2 supervisors (older than 13 years).
  • Upon entry, a table will be assigned according to the number of people, but drinks cannot be served.


  • The JumpScool sports lessons can continue to take place within the applicable guidelines for sports activities up to and including the age of 17 (no distance, no maximum group size). Parents / supervisors must wait outside.
  • JumpFit lessons can also continue in an adapted form, whereby from 18 years the 1.5 meter distance rule applies as well as the maximum group size.

What you need to do:
Read and understand the rules, watch the instruction video carefully and follow the instructions of the Jump Masters. This way, you will know how to avoid the risk of injury. You must also bring a signed declaration (‘Liability and Release’ form) with you, stating that you are familiar with the rules and risks associated with jumping.

What we do:
All Jumpsquare trampolines are produced and installed by professional Dutch manufacturers (Sidijk, ELI Play and BigAirBag®). The equipment used by Jumpsquare is of the highest quality available in the market.

The design and construction of our trampolines are based on the American ASTM standard and British PAS 5000 standard. Trampoline jumping and trampoline parks like Jumpsquare originated in the United States. Since 2004, the sector has developed continuously and the safety of visitors is a priority. As a result, American legislation, regulations and standards are the most advanced in the market.

Finally, all Jumpsquare trampoline parks are approved by inspection authorities authorised and certified by the government. In the Netherlands, these are, among others, 'Keurmerk Instituut' and 'TüV'.

Jumping at a Jumpsquare park is extremely safe. According to the internal safety and incident measurements carried out continuously, our safety score is higher than 99.4%. That means that the chance of injury is minimal.

The safety of our customers is guaranteed by the continuous competent supervision of our professional and well-trained Jump Masters. Our visitors also have to attend a mandatory safety session given by our Jump Masters, who then ensure that everyone follows these safety instructions in the arena.

All the same, we can’t eliminate all associated risks. After all, there will always be a small risk of injury in sports and physical activity. All of our staff undergoes mandatory training for emergency situations and first aid. This also ensures the safety of our jumpers should an incident occur.


Jumping in our trampoline parks is voluntary and completely at your own risk. We expect you to follow our instructions and the safety rules. These are displayed clearly at the entrance to our Jumpsquare park on signs and TV monitors. The rules are for your own safety and that of others. These are the most important rules:

  1. The minimum jumping age is 7 years (except during MiniJump).
  2. Only 1 jumper per trampoline.
  3. Jump in the middle of the trampoline, not on the sides (padding).
  4. Every Jump Zone has specific rules. Read through these before using the zone.
  5. Always land on two feet, your buttocks or back.
  6. Only use the trampolines when wearing jumping socks from Jumpsquare, which have special anti-slip soles (shoes and bare feet are prohibited).
  7. Wear appropriate (sports) clothing and remove all jewellery.
  8. Be considerate of other jumpers.
  9. It is not allowed to run, push, play hide-and-seek and/or tag.
  10. It is not permitted to have physical contact with other jumpers.
  11. Do not consume alcohol, drugs or medicine before jumping.
  12. Do not take any hard, sharp objects on the trampolines, but store them somewhere safe.

Liability and Release form:

Important: Before jumping, you must sign the ‘Liability and Release’ form. This states that you are aware of the risk of injury when you use the trampolines and agree to the fact that you are personally responsible for your own safety. Jumpsquare cannot be held liable for any physical injury or loss and/or damage to your property.

Important: This is a very important document. Read through it carefully before signing.

Contents of form:

I am at least 16 years of age and will be taking part in intensive and physically demanding trampoline-related activities (hereinafter referred to as ‘activities’) offered by Jumpsquare.

I accept that there is a real chance of injury when participating in these activities.

To reduce the risk of injury, I agree to follow all safety instructions that have been provided to me and to follow the instructions of Jumpsquare staff members before and during the activities.

I am personally responsible for my own safety and that of the children (ages 18 months to 15 years) under my supervision. I will make sure that they read the safety instructions, understand them and follow them.

I declare that, if I do not have parental authority, I am older than 18 years and have the consent of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to sign the ‘Liability and Release’ form.

In the event of an accident, theft or loss caused by me or the children under my supervision, I accept that Jumpsquare cannot be held liable for direct or indirect loss, damage and/or injury resulting from participation in the activities (except in the event of serious negligence on the part of Jumpsquare).

I declare that neither I nor the children under my supervision have a medical condition (including pregnancy) that could more easily result in an injury to myself, them or others as a result of participation in the activities. (If in doubt, ask the parent(s)/guardian(s)).

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