HiT iT!


HiT iT!

Jumpsquare Eindhoven is the first park in the Netherlands with a HiT iT! Arena. Put on your HiT iT wristband, climb, crawl and jump through all HiT iT! attractions and collect as many points as possible. The higher you climb, the more points you earn. Can you get on the leaderboard and beat the High Score?


  • Combo: 120 min. Free Jumping + 20 min. HiT iT! 24.49 p.p.
  • Combo: 90 min. Free Jumping + 20 min. HiT iT! 22.99 p.p.
  • Combo: 60 min. Free Jumping + 20 min. HiT iT! 18.99 p.p.
  • 20 min. HiT iT! 7.50 p.p.
  • 20 min. HiT iT! excl. wristband 5.00 p.p.
  • 5x 20 min. HiT iT! 25.00 p.p.

All prices include HiT iT wristband and Jumping socks, unless otherwise stated.

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Looking for an original birthday party idea? Book a HiT iT! Jump Party. Package deals are available from 20.99 per child including access to the HiT iT Arena. See the Parties & Package Deals section for more info.

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