The most original and active way to celebrate a family party, company outing, class party, birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party or teambuilding event.

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Are you looking for the most fun and sporty outing for your school, club or company? Then Jumpsquare is the place to be! With our extensive offer, we ensure an unforgettable day! The popularity of trampoline parks knows no bounds. It is new, super healthy and also low-threshold to start with, making it suitable for any age. Jumpsquare is the spectacular trampoline park in the region and part of Jumpsquare Group.

Besides the fact that trampolining is a spectacular outing for everyone, it also has many advantages. We list some of them for you:

  • Because trampolines bounce along and thus soften the impact of landing, bones and joints are protected and strengthened at the same time
  • It improves physical strength, stronger muscles, coordination, responsiveness, balance and flexibility
  • During jumping, endorphins are produced, a substance that makes you feel happy
  • In addition, 10 minutes of trampolining is equivalent to half an hour of running

In short, a sports activity that will make you fit and happy!


Jumpsquare offers the coolest and most fun school outings. You can come and jump with the whole class for 60, 90 or 120 minutes. We have long opening hours, but it is also possible to book an outing outside regular opening hours.

Want to do something really cool? Organise a gym class at Jumpsquare! Or learn new tricks with the whole class. Together with our Jump Masters, we provide a cool gym class for one or more classes, on the trampolines!

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Want to see those keyboard tigers from the administration bounce? Then come with your whole team to one of our great jumping locations near you.

Not only is it original, it is also healthy and unique. So forget the daily office environment and come and jump informally in our trampoline park.

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