Attractions of Jumpsquare Maastricht

A trampoline park is much more than a few trampolines next to each other. Have fun with a large variety of different kinds of attractions that guarantee hours of jumping fun! That way you can be sure that your visit to Jumpsquare will be an unforgettable outing. On this page you'll find an overview of all the attractions you can find at Jumpsquare Maastricht.

Jump Obstacles

Challenge yourself and jump on, over or from the jump obstacles. Start with a somersault and practice your first stunt or flip… Outdo yourself!

Waterfall Trampoline

Jump higher and fly further from the waterfall trampoline. This trampoline is specially designed to easily take you to the foam pit or BigAirBag® because its rounded sloping side automatically sends you in the right direction.


Make two teams, choose a side of the Dodgeball Arena and score points by hit your opponents with the special soft balls. Experience how much fun this ball sport can be when played on trampolines: jump higher, throw further, dodge, duck and avoid your opponents’ balls. Who will score the most points? Have fun!


Who says you can’t jump high enough to score? With a trampoline under the basketball net, everyone can jump as high as Michael Jordan and score points. Take it to the next level and do a flip before making a dunk!


The AirTrack is extremely popular with both gymnasts and freerunners. It’s not a trampoline or tumbling lane, but an inflatable track with a slow bounce. This makes the AirTrack perfect for kids who want to get used to the bounce of a trampoline before jumping on one.

Valo Jump

A jumping attraction for game enthusiasts, genuine gamers, athletes and anyone who likes to have fun. Our Valo Jump lets you physically enter a computer game, while enjoying a real workout.


The favourite attraction of our freerunners. It takes the right speed, coordination, strength and dexterity to get you across this exciting obstacle course. Climb and scramble over the strangest of obstacles, duck just in time and make sure to keep your balance at all times.

Foam Pit

Whether you balance on the Slackline, enter a duel on the Battle Beam or just want a soft landing when practicing your tricks, the foam pit is guaranteed to be your best friend. Thanks to the foam blocks, your landing will always be a soft one.


Dare to jump into the deep end without worrying about your landing? It's possible with the BigAirBag®, the ultimate landing cushion! The entire cushion contains vertical air chambers that are filled with air continuously. This design offers jumpers the ultimate in safety.

Jump Tower

Want to know what it feels like to jump off a two-metre-high tower? Got knocking knees the first time you stand at the top of the tower? Don’t worry, just take the plunge! Once you experience the soft landing on the gigantic BigAirBag®, you'll be running to the top to do it again!

Do you want to Jump?

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